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Gruppa "Prodovolstvie" LLC is a modern, dynamic company that is a supplier of sugar, various cereals and animal feeds, offers a wide range of flour products. Rich experience of professional staff has allowed Gruppa "Prodovolstvie" LLC to become a major Federal trader on the sugar market. Additionally, Gruppa "Prodovolstvie" LLC has declared itself as a serious player in the market of cereals and flour. The largest manufacturing and trading companies have become the regular partners of the company.

Gruppa "Prodovolstvie" LLC is actively developing three areas: sugar, cereals, animal feeds. The company successfully expands on the Russian and foreign markets. Lots of partners trust our specialists, who are ready to solve any problem quickly and efficiently. It is important for us to build an effective business. We value every customer and our business reputation. Many partners have become our good friends. If you share our values of honesty, independence, consistency and discipline – you are welcome to join us!


656049, Russia, Altai region
Barnaul city, Proletarskaya street, 146a, floor 4
Tel. +7(3852) 501146

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  • 656049, Russia, Altai region
    Barnaul city, Proletarskaya street, 76, floor 2
  • (3852) 501146