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Animal Feeds

“Gruppa“ Prodovolstvie”, LLC is a reliable supplier of high-grade feeds for livestock enterprises on Russian market.

“Gruppa“ Prodovolstvie”, LLC cooperates with oil-extracting factories on the permanent basis in different regions of this country. Thanks to broad spectrum of suppliers, we are able to offer our products to buyers wherever they are based. Since we work in close rapport with our suppliers and our buyers, we have an opportunity to offer the best products for the best prices. We can deliver oil and oil seed coarse meal by both, road and railway transport. Our partners have appreciated our work and thus have already increased their profits.


  • Oil seed cake and coarse meal
  • Soy bean cake and meal
  • Rape cake and meal
  • Sunflower, rape oil (unrefined/refined)
  • Corn gluten
  • Feed grain
  • Extruded full-fat soy

Extruded full-fat soy is one of the new products in the market of feeds. It is one of the most valuable components of all-mash for the livestock. Due to high feed value, high digested protein content, high fat content, and energy value of the extruded soy, it became very popular in the feed market.

“Gruppa“ Prodovolstvie”, LLC has signed the exclusive contract with one of the largest producers in the Altai Region. That is why we can compete with producers of full-fat soy. We have got local raw materials source and permanent supply from the Amur Region and the Jewish Region. It makes possible for us to supply extruded soy all the year. Due to favourable location of our plant we have reasonable amount of time for the delivery of orders. That is why the leading companies of Siberian Federal District choose us as a supplier.


  • Accurate carrying out our obligations;
  • Flexible pricing policy;
  • High professionalism of the staff.

Contacts for inquiry:

Feeds and grains department:

Тел. (3852) 501147

Факс( 3852) 501146

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  • 656049, Russia, Altai region
    Barnaul city, Proletarskaya street, 76, floor 2
  • (3852) 501146