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Our employees have been working successfully on the sugar market of Russia for more than nine years. This fact has allowed us to become one of the largest sugar traders. Gruppa "Prodovolstvie" LLC has taken the leading position confidently and has been included in a number of Federal sugar traders by the expert community, which prices are published daily on the leading sites” ISCO-ICAR" (, «sugarinfо» ( We are distributors of most of the sugar factories in the country. We have successful experience of the cooperation with the beet-growing farms in Tambov area, Lipetsk area, Krasnodarsky region.

We have managed to gain a stable trust of our partners, due to the sophisticated system of work, information, customer support and individual approach to their needs and interests. Today, the company delivers products to 74 regions of Russia, including 478 companies of regular partners, among them there are the largest regional wholesalers and leading enterprises of food , confectionery and beer brewing industry in Russia, such as the “KDV Group", "Sladonezh", "United confectioners", "Brewing company "Baltika" and other manufacturers. According to experts, the company takes 5-8% of the total rail shipments of sugar in Russia.

If you become a client of Gruppa "Prodovolstvie" LLC , you get a reliable partner who is interested in your success and are able to solve any problems. We have the most professional staff!


  • sugar (bag 50 and 25 kg; GOST 33222-2015);
  • syrup (bulk; GOST 18-395-82);
  • •beet pulp pellets (bulk; GOST 1345682);


On the purchase of sugar, please contact:

Sugar department

Тел. (3852) 501146

Факс (3852) 501146

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  • 656049, Russia, Altai region
    Barnaul city, Proletarskaya street, 76, floor 2
  • (3852) 501146