Altai Region green buckwheat groats was shipped to Bulgaria for the first time

In February 2021 “Gruppa Prodovolstvie” arranged the first shipment of green buckwheat groats and buckwheat flour to Bulgaria. Green buckwheat groats are grains that were cleaned without preliminary steaming and drying. In this case, grain structure does not meet any destructive influence; therefore it retains all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Recently, people started to think more about healthy eating that led to a new wave of interest for green buckwheat groats.

According to Anton Chernetsky, Director of the Foreign Trade Department of “Gruppa Prodovolstvie” LLC, this type of buckwheat groats is in demand not only in the EU countries, but consumers in China and Japan show great interest for Altai products as well. The Chinese, for example, drink green buckwheat tea, while the Japanese choose soba buckwheat noodles.

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