“Gruppa “Prodovolstvie” net profit increased thrice in 2020.

According to 2020 annual results, altai trader “Gruppa” “Prodovolstvie”  increased financial indicators comparing 2019.  The company’s gross income grew by 15% and amounted 3 billion 22 million rubles. Due to grain direction extension, the business profitability increased, and the grain sale’s revenue increased by 35%. That progress doubled EBITDA – from 27,895 million rubles in 2019 to 55,409 million rubles in 2020.

The sales conditions change affected the net profit increase. While the company’s net profit amounted 13 million rubles in 2019, then this rate almost tripled and amounted 30 million 368 thousand rubles in 2020. LLC “Gruppa “Prodovolstvie”  Director Dementiy Glukhov: “Financial indicators growth base on several reasons. At first, grain market positive sales conditions. Secondly, we increased export supplies value and still proceeding this direction effectively”

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