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The team has more than nine years of experience working on the sugar market, which allowed us to become one of the largest sugar traders. “Prodovolstvie” Group has confidently taken a leading position and is included by the expert community among federal sugar traders, whose prices are published daily on the leading websites of Isko-ICAR ( ), sugarinfo ( ). Our connections include beet growing farms in the Tambov region, Lipetsk region, Krasnodar region. Thanks to a well-established work system, careful client support, and a tailored approach to their needs and interests, we have managed to win the trust of our partners. Today the company supplies products to 74 regions of Russia, is among the regular partners of 263 companies, including both the largest regional wholesalers and leading enterprises of the food, confectionery, and brewing industry in Russia. According to experts, “Prodovolstvie” Group occupies 5-8% of the total rail shipments of sugar in Russia. Becoming a client of “Prodovolstvie” Group, you acquire a reliable partner who is interested in your success and can resolve any issues with the help of our team of professionals.

We offer:
  • white sugar (50 and 25 kg bags; 1 kg packaging; GOST 33222-2015);
  • molasses (in bulk; OST 18-395-82);
  • pulp granulated (in bulk; GOST1345682);
For purchasing, please contact:

We carry out deliveries in grain carriers, as well as packaged by rail in covered wagons.

Our company is always open to new business ties and aims at long-term cooperation with Russian and foreign partners.

The company is successfully expanding its geography in Russian and foreign markets.