The first batch of Altai lentils was delivered to Hungary.

The first trial batch of green lentils from the Altai Territory was delivered to Hungary  by  LLC Gruppa Prodovolstvie. The products will be packaged and distributed to the retail chains of Hungary and neighboring countries . So,  the Altai green lentils will appear on the shelves of  European stores in the coming days and will be available to European consumers. The Hungarian partners noted the quality of Altai products and expressed their intention to continue and expand cooperation. As the Hungarian partner  noted, the product fully corresponded to  the requirements of the importing country. A trial batch of green lentils was sent from the village of  Mikhailovka in the Altai Territory by rail to the seaport of Kavkaz and then by sea to the port of Hungary.

 Reference: LLC “Gruppa “Prodovolstvie ” – the largest supplier of food and agricultural products. The company develops the main directions-delivery of cereals, flour, sugar, grain trading, production and processing of lentils to Russian markets.

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