Animal feed

Animal feed

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"Prodovolstvie" Group is a reliable supplier of high-quality feed for livestock farms on the Russian market. We have established partnerships with oil extraction plants from different regions of our country.

Numerous oil extraction plants are among regular partner of "Prodovolsvie" Group

Due to the widespread geography of suppliers, we can supply products in the shortest possible time, regardless of your geographic distance. Close cooperation with suppliers and buyers allows us to offer products of the required quality and at the most attractive price. Partners who have appreciated our capabilities have already increased their profits. Delivery of oil and meal is carried out by road or rail.

We offer:
  • Oil cake/sunflower meal
  • Oil cake/soybean meal
  • Oilcake/rapeseed meal
  • Sunflower oil, rapeseed oil (crude / refined)
  • Corn gluten
  • Full fat extruded soybeans
Our advantages:
  • strict obligations fulfillment
  • flexible pricing policy
  • professional team
For the purchase of feed, please contact:
  • Tel .: (3852) 501147 + 7-962-794-2662
  • Fax: (3852) 501146
  • Email:

One of the relatively new products on the feed market is full-fat extruded soybeans, which is one of the most valuable components of compound feed for farm animals. Extruded soybeans have developed rapidly on the feed market due to their high nutritional value, high digestible protein content, high fat, and calorific value.

The company is successfully expanding its geography in Russian and foreign markets.

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