A trial batch of buckwheat groats was sent to Turkey.

The largest supplier of agricultural products LLC Gruppa Prodovolstvie  continues to expand its customer base  actively  and strengthens partnerships.The first batch of 67.5 tons of buckwheat groats was sent to a new partner from Turkey, In December 2022. LLC Gruppa Prodovolstvie  has been supplying products to the Turkish market for several years –red and  green  lentils, chickpeas. Specialists of the department of foreign economic activity of  LLC Gruppa Prodovolstvie  regularly visit international food exhibitions, where they carry out successful negotiations with representatives of foreign companies.

LLC Gruppa Prodovolstvie  has been exporting agricultural products to 25 countries for more than ten years. The company operates two elevator complexes in the Altai and Krasnoyarsk Territories and is one of the largest producers and processors of  lentils in the Altai Territory.

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