Exports of products increased by 42% in LLC Gruppa Prodovolstvie last year.

At the end of  2021,  LLC Gruppa  Prodovolstvie   increased  its exports of products by 42% compared  to 2020.

Wheat, barley, chickpeas, buckwheat, oats, flax, sunflowers were supplied to Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania and other countries. The positive dynamics in the company is associated with the systematic development of the grain business. The largest share of product exports  in  63%, are grain crops and  leguminous crops.


The global lentil market in 2021 was more active than in the previous one. During the period August-December 2021 ,  LLC Gruppa  Prodovolstvie  processed and exported 3,900 tons of  lentils by its own production  to Turkey, Bulgaria, Hungary, the United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, Georgia, the Czech Republic and Serbia.

Before shipment, all batches passed documentary and laboratory control, all shipped products met the requirements of the countries of destination. In addition, the company continues to actively expand its geography of presence and customer base. In 2021, supplies to the UAE, Jordan and Turkey were resumed.  LLC Gruppa  Prodovolstvie   cooperates with 553 partners from Russia and 25 countries, in October 2021 the company was awarded the Certificate of Honor of the Altai Chamber of Commerce and Industry “For a great contribution to the development of the export potential of the Altai Territory”.

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