The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation celebrated the 30th anniversary of its foundation on October 19, 2021.

A solemn business reception was held in the Altai Chamber of  Commerce  and  Industry  dedicated  to this anniversary, on December 8.  The event was attended by heads and representatives of enterprises – members of the CCI, members of the Council of the Altai CCI, chairmen of specialized committees, heads of regional authorities, partners of the Chamber. During the reception, the results of the work were summed up, the industry leaders were named, the members and partners of the Altai CCI were awarded.


Dementiy Glukhov, Director of the  Gruppa  Prodovolstvie  LLC, was awarded the Certificate of Honor “For a great contribution to the development of the export potential of the Altai Territory.”   Gruppa  Prodovolstvie  LLC has significantly expanded its geography and increased the export volumes of its own lentils this year.

The green lentils from Gruppa  Prodovolstvie  LLC  have been shipped to Serbia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Afghanistan, for the first time this year. For many years, the Company has been exporting cereals from Altai producers to the countries of near and far abroad, among them Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Czech Republic, Belarus, Turkmenistan, Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia, Kyrgyzstan, Iran, Israel, Lithuania.

Grain crops (wheat, barley, oats) are traditionally supplied to Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan. The company is a major player in the grain crops market and operates two elevators in the Altai and Krasnoyarsk Territories, and is one of the three largest traders in the sugar market.


The director of  Gruppa  Prodovolstvie   LLC  Dementy Glukhov, said: “ The   staff   of   Gruppa  Prodovolstvie  LLC   joins all congratulations to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Altai Territory. We fully support the corporate principles of the Altai CCI – openness, transparency, professionalism  and thanks  for the long-term mutually beneficial partnership. “

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