The first batch of Altai wiki has arrived in Serbia.

Gruppa Prodovolstvie LLC  expands the range of products supplied to Serbia. The first part of a trial batch of  spring food vetch was delivered to this country, in February this year. The contract value was 48,000 €.

The most economical and frequently used method of transportation in this direction is auto-delivery. 110 tons of spring food vetch  loaded into trucks were sent directly to the consignee’s warehouse without the need for intermediate reloading.

Spring food vetch refers to spring crops. This plant is a high quality pet food containing 46 feed units and 123 g of protein per 100 kg of dry grass.

The Serbian partners were satisfied with the quality of the products, negotiations are currently underway on further deliveries.

Gruppa Prodovolstvie LLC  specializes in wholesale trade in sugar, grains and oilseeds, feeds and cereals. The company supplies products to all regions of Russia and exports them to 25 countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Libya, Iran, Turkey and China. The Group operates two elevator complexes in the Altai and Krasnoyarsk Territories, and develops lentil processing in the Altai Territory. ACRA affirmed the credit rating of Gruppa Prodovolstvie LLC  at B+(RU) with a stable outlook, on December 1.

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