Mikhailovsky elevator received the first consignment of new crop of green lentils.

The  elevator of  the  Gruppa “Prodovolstvie” LLC, located in the village of Mikhailovskoye, Altai Territory, has begun Gruppa “Prodovolstvie” LLC harvesting grain from the new crop. The complex received the first consignment  of  new crop of green  lentils.

The company noted that they are satisfied with the quality of the grown grain – the grain of the new crop has excellent indicators for moisture, weed, grain impurities, which do not exceed the norm.

Altai agricultural producers say that there is already every reason to count on a good harvest of lentils. In general, green lentils is  unpretentious, unlike other legumes, they do not require high temperatures, in addition, green lentils is more suitable for arid conditions. Green lentils is great for growing in our climate, as it is not afraid of either spring frosts or summer droughts, –  they note.

Gruppa “Prodovolstvie” LLC  is one of the largest producers and processors of  green lentils in the Altai Territory. The modernization of the production platform was completed in 2020 year, the installation of   high-performance equipment was completed. A Focus Z7 color sorter with high-resolution color CCD cameras, packing equipment manufactured by NOTIS were installed on the platform.

The company has the capacity to produce 3,000 tons of   high quality green lentils per month. And in addition to trading operations, we offer our partners products from our own elevator.

In addition to lentils, the elevator began to receive wheat of the new crop.  Mikhailovsky elevator underwent a thorough check, reconstruction, preparation of technological equipment and facilities before the beginning of the new season 2021/22. The elevator is accredited for the storage of grain of the intervention fund.

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