The first quantities of Altai region red lentil were shipped to Hungary, Turkey and Bulgaria


The Altai Territory, which ranks the first among the most environmentally friendly places in Russia, is the leader in terms of acreage for lentil. Despite the low demand for lentil in the domestic market, the production volumes of this crop continue to grow. On a global scale, we can see an increase in the number of supporters of healthy eating, and this trend significantly expands the lentil market. Altai region products have high consumer qualities.

For many years “Gruppa Prodovolstvie” has been producing and exporting green lentil. This year, the first lots of red lentil were produced and shipped from the company’s production place. The lentil from the Altai manufacturer was sent to Hungary, Turkey and Bulgaria.

“Gruppa Prodovolstvie” is one of the largest lentil producers in the Altai Region. The production quantity is up to 3000 tons per month. The company’s processing facilities are located in the Mikhailovskoye village. The company produces the lentil according to international export standards and carries out wholesale supply of lentil to the partners, with all the export formalities done. The products are packed in 10, 25, 50 kg bags with NOTIS packing equipment.

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