Gruppa Pprodovolstvie LLC has signed the first contract for the supply of chickpeas to Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey.

Gruppa Pprodovolstvie LLC  continues to explore international markets and expand the range of products supplied. Another international contract was signed with a large Jordanian wholesale company that will deliver products to consumers in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. The company has been cooperating with partners from these countries for several years. Gruppa Pprodovolstvie LLC  has a department of foreign economic activity, whose specialists are qualified for the conclusion of international contracts. This contract was notable for the fact that chickpeas were sold to these countries for the first time.

<<It is very important for us that when concluding this contract, foreign partners immediately expressed a desire to make a large order. By concluding such an agreement, we received an advance of trust from foreign consumers, which, of course, will have necessary to work out, ” commented Anton Chernetsky, Director of the Foreign Trade Department.

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