The train with flax seeds was shipped from the Altai Territory to China

At the end of 2022, “Gruppa Prodovolstvie” shipped flax seeds from the Altai Territory to China for the first time. The first batch was 1582 tons. Multimodal transportation was used to deliver the cargo to the client. 62 containers with flaxseeds were shipped from Altai Region to Novosibirsk, and then from Novosibirsk by rail to the port of Vostochny, Vladivostok. In the port the containers were loaded onto the vessel and shipped by sea to Xingang Port, China.

Export of flax seed to China is one of the most promising directions. Flax seeds are extremely in demand in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries in China. China provides less than half of oilseed flax from domestic production. Russia is one of the three world oilseed flax exporters. The geographical proximity of the Chinese market gives Siberian companies competitive advantages. “Gruppa Prodovolstvie” is developing new logistics routes for the supply of agricultural products to Chinese partners.

“Gruppa Prodovolstvie” specializes in the supply of agricultural products to Russian and foreign markets, exports agricultural products to 25 countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Azerbaijan, Libya, Mongolia, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan , Kazakhstan, Jordan, Lebanon and China.

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